IQY Technical Courses and Enrolment

Mon’s Group Sydney(Education Service-Engineering, IT & Management) (ABN 96219389279) Trading as IQY Technical College Highlight Computer Group affiliated to St Clements University Higher Education School-Niue,S.T.C Technological University of British West Indies and IQY Technical College OnlineLearning System
Arrangements among Myanmar Vocational Training 
Certificate/IQY Technical College/St Clements
University and STC Technological University

About the IQY Technical College & Highlight Computer Group
IQY Technical College of Highlight Computer Group teaches St Clements University –Higher Education School-Niue &     S.T.C Technological University of British West Indies’  Diploma/ Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree programs in Electrical ,Mechanical, Civil, Automotive & Marine Engineering, Information Techn…